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Defend the West-End

Folkestone’s Residential West End is under Threat

Defend the West End

At the last Council meeting, Cllr George Bunting and I narrowly failed to prevent a Council proposal to redraw Folkestone’s ward boundaries in a way that threatens the interests of west-end residents.

Under the Council’s proposal (which relied on votes from Romney Marsh councillors to push it through!), Folkestone’s residential west-end will be fragmented. Around one thousand residents will be transferred into Sandgate Ward and be represented by Sandgate councillors. The remaining residents will go into Folkestone Central Ward, and be represented by councillors whose primary allegiance will be to the business and commercial interests of the Town Centre.

Cllr Bunting and I believe all residents of the west-end will lose out if the Boundary Commission agrees to Shepway’s proposals, as the west-end voice will be divided. We have therefore submitted an alternative proposal, with support from other Folkestone councillors. Our full proposal is available under “Related Links” below. In a nutshell, we believe:

  1. That Folkestone residents should be represented by Folkestone councillors; not Sandgate councillors.
  2. That the residential west-end is one community, and should be represented at the Council as one ward.
  3. That if the west-end community is fragmented, residents from an area of a distinctive, residential character will lose out both to the interests of Sandgate, and to the business and commercial interests of the Town Centre.
  4. That the ward boundaries that we have proposed and submitted to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (where they are publicly displayed on the LGBCE website), better respect the natural local community boundaries than the proposals drawn up and submitted by Shepway District Council.

If you agree with us on this issue, please show your support for the four points above at my online petition by clicking below (“Sign Petition”)

We shall draw the petition to the attention of the Boundary Commission. Please also do your best to let friends, colleagues, and neighbours in the west-end know about our campaign.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Rory Love
19th April 2013


The boundary Commission have now published their draft recommendations. Cllr George Bunting and I are currently studying these carefully, and we shall update our advice on this site shortly.

However, the position does not look good for the west-end, and we still recommend signing our online petition to strengthen our case to preserve a strong voice for the west-end community at Shepway.

Petition by iPetitions

“ The residential west-end is one community, and should be represented as one ward ”

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